Pali Chanting in Thai Script ...

... in Romanized Pali and
with English Translation

Collecting and publishing the Theravada
Chantings as recited in Thailand is the
purpose of this blog.

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The Pali Alphabet
The Vowels
The Consonants

Different Texts and Chantings
1_Abhaya Gaathaa Paritta / Abhaya Gāthā
2_ Tisarana / Namo Tassa
3_ The Three Refuges
4_ Attha Sila - The Eight Precepts
4.1_Panca Sila - The Five Precepts

Morning chanting
5_ Salutation to the Triple Gem - Ratanattaya Vandanaa
6_Bowing to the Triple Gem
7_Tisarana / Namo Tassa
8_Buddha Bhithuti - Praise to the Buddha
9_Dhamma Bhithuti / Praise to the Dhamma
10_Sangha Bhithuti - Praise to the Sangha
11_Ratanattayapanaamagaathaa - Salutation to the triple gem
........and passages for dispassioneteness
12_Samvega Parikittanapaatha - Passages conducive to
...... dispassionateness

Evening Chanting

13_Buddha Nussati - Recollection on the Buddha
14_Buddha Bhigiiti - Hymn to the Buddha
15_Dhamma Nussati - Recollection on the Dhamma
16_Dhamma Bhigiiti - Hymn to the Dhamma
17_Sangha Nussati - Recollection on the Sangha
18_Sangha Bhigiiti - Hymn to the Sangha (end of evening chanting)

Other Texts

Contemplation of the Body - 31 Body Parts

Five Subjekts for Frequent Recollection - Abhinhapacca
... vekkhan

Phra Gāthā Ākāravattāsūtra - itipi so
..... bhagavā parts 1. + 17.

Pali Chanting Videos with subtitles

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